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3 Tips to Ensure Your Reception Is the Party of a Lifetime

As a DJ, my job is to get people on the dance floor whether you're 9 or 99. I take pride in this job and I'm pretty good at it! I've seen big weddings, small weddings, fun weddings, boring weddings, beautiful weddings, simple weddings and just about everything in between. After assessing the common themes behind each HOMERUN wedding, there are a few crucial decisions that each bride and groom can make that will ensure that the dance floor is packed all night! If you follow these tips and tricks you can set yourself up for the party of a lifetime having all of your guests wishing you'd get married again!

1 - Where the bride and groom go, the party will follow.

The number one way to ensure your wedding is the party of a lifetime is to be fun-loving, move-busting, newlyweds. When the dance floor opens, the One-in-White needs to make her way on to the dance floor closely followed by all of her bridesmaids (take your shoes off if you have to). As the bride, set the precedent early - tell your man to love you well by dancing it out under the party lights.

I've been the DJ at a few weddings where the bride and groom are allergic to the dance floor. The energy of the evening follows the bride - As the focal point of the party, the newlyweds can influence the spirit of the entire night. At some venues, there are completely separate rooms or outdoor spaces where people can mingle. If the happy couple meanders around in these rooms, the dance floor no longer has the same luster.

At times, I have witnessed a bride who is ready to PARTY, yet the groom won't touch the dance floor with a ten-foot pole! Whether you've got moves or not, live it up! Lose the pride and have the time of your life!

2 - Put the DJ near the dance floor.

Let me be clear - your wedding should by no means revolve around the DJ in any form or fashion. If space is at a premium, put Mr. DJ in the back corner and he/she should have absolutely no complaints.

With that said, there is something special about the DJ being as close in proximity as possible to the designated dance area. There are multiple reasons for this. First to note, the music is loudest for those who want the music to be the loudest. If the DJ is 50 yards from the dance floor with 6 dinner tables in between, either your Great Uncle Geoff is not going to be pleased with the obnoxiously loud music, or the people on the dancefloor will be underwhelmed by how quiet the music is.

Second, the dance lighting is bouncing off of the people who are on the dance floor. Again, Uncle Geoff doesn't like the beams of light shining in his face as he tries to enjoy his conversation with Aunt Merrill.

Last to note, there is unquantifiable energy present when the DJ can see the crowd, and the crowd can see the DJ. It is a DJ's job to create the atmosphere necessary to have a great time, therefore he is a crucial focal point to the success of the night!

3 - Be weary of the timing of sunset photo-ops.

Everyone is aware that golden hour is the undisputed best time for pictures. Everyone is also aware that photos are a HUGE part of your wedding day and are often of the utmost priority. Unfortunately, golden hour often coincides with the official opening of the dance floor.

I've had weddings where the schedule has "dance floor opens" at the same time as "bridal party takes pictures at sunset." OUCH. This is a great way to kill some momentum! Most of the time, the bridal party starts the party, and if the bridal party leaves when I'm supposed to start the party... I'm sure you see the issue here. If sunset pictures are a necessity, which they may very well be (and for good reason), I would recommend they take place either before the dance floor officially opens, or a little while after it begins!

Disclaimer - you do you! Do your photos whenever you feel like it because it's YOUR day - just some perspective being offered here!


Everyone has a picture of what their dream-wedding will look like. For those who want the dance party of a lifetime, make sure YOU, as the Bride and Groom, are willing to dance, the DJ is positioned near the dance floor, and lastly, that the photo-ops are scheduled with party-time in mind!

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