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A passion which has turned into a profession. As a wedding DJ based in Woodstock, Georgia, I've had the privilege of facilitating hundreds of celebratory occasions for a wide array of different people. It is hard to believe I have such an amazing opportunity; to be a part of some of the fondest memories and best nights of each client's life! Interested in hiring me for a wedding or maybe for another event? Please reach out!

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We loved our reception and so much of that is because of Riley! He never allowed the party to lose energy, always transitions the music so seamlessly, and is so easy to work with. He was the BEST choice for our DJ and our guests are still talking about our party to this day!

- Katelyn Ortego


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As a bride you stress so much about every little thing, I was in panic mode week of wedding and Riley still calmed my nervous and reassured me that everything would go fine. Not one thing went wrong that day.

- Chelsea Smith



My wife and I could not have been happier with our experience with Riley! It feels like half of our guests have told us that they have never had more fun at a wedding reception than they had at ours and we owe Riley most of that credit. From the beginning of the ceremony to the last song, Riley catered to our every desire and helped make our wedding the best day of our lives! We will (and have already) recommend Riley to anyone in need of a DJ for an event.

- Preston Coleman

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When my husband and I were planning our wedding, it was really important to us for the reception to be a party and for people to get on the dance floor. Riley made this happen for us! He kept the party going with a playlist that had all ages dancing and having a good time.

- Kaleigh Tchoelker


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